MSI KT4V-L (MS-6712)
By Robert Jon Cox

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KT4V-L Front/Left Side

KT4V-L Front/RSide  

These are the specifications of my ATX case from the Enermax website.


  Blue color Neon light
  Intake side fan (standard): translucent Blue fan & Golden fan guard
  More drive bays than other PC cases in the market, 4x5.25" + 3x3.5" opening bays and 3x3.5" hidden bays for HDD.
  Fits in ATX, Pentium 4 M/B for best application
  Wonderful ventilation design: total number of cooling fans up to 5 at front panel, side cover and back window.
  Power supply is installed horizontally for space saving
  Entry level server configuration applicable with total 10 drive bays.
  100% folded edge to avoid any physical injuries
  Expansion Slots up to 7
  Air opening on front and side panels for the best heat dissipation.

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