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Old wooden floor renovation

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/11/2016 01:38 AM

Wood floor after years of use, it is easy from paint, paint chips and other issues, greatly influenced the decorative effect. After Diaoqi if water stains, oil stains penetrate the floor will not be able to restore the original state, and even affect the normal use. Therefore, many people in the second decoration removed the old floor will usually get a new one, which we call the wood floor renovation.
Wood floor renovation is more cost effective
According to professionals, many wood flooring surface only local damage, grassroots wood still intact, especially after years of use, wooden flooring performance has been very stable, and very low pollution has been reduced, and if so the overall change, resulting in a very big waste. In addition, with raw material prices, the price of wood increasingly higher spending overall change required is very large. In comparison, the old floor renovation is affordable, and allows the home look good way. According to my investigation, according to the construction process is different, the old floor renovation of the market price of 30 yuan to 50 yuan per square meter, only 10% to 20% of the floor reloading costs. But also several wooden floor renovation, will not affect the appearance.
Not all floors can be refurbished
Currently on the market floor styles, types are endless. But experts point out that not all of the floor can be renovated. "Strengthen the floor surface with a layer of aluminum oxide wear layer, refurbished floor will undermine its wear layer, increasing aging floor, laminate flooring can not be refurbished so." Professionals said that only the surface layer thickness of 4 mm solid wood flooring, engineered flooring and bamboo flooring can be renovated. Professionals told the author, floor renovation is the floor of the original surface polished off 1 mm to 2 mm, through the floor surface be putty, paint, wax and other treatment process, so that the old floor as a new unit. If the floor surface is too thin, it will polish the intermediate layer, the service life of the floor, it must ensure that the floor surface layer thickness is greater than 4 mm.
Refurbished floor looking for professionals
Currently professional floor renovation company in Beijing and Guangzhou are mostly very small Shenyang. As most of the floor trader in the service is not provided in the floor refurbishment services, currently we carry out this business mostly cleaning company, and most of them offer waxing services simply can not do a full set of the renovation process. In order to ensure quality floor renovation, it advised consumers to ask the professional supervision of staff to supervise the construction. According to staff, the company introduced a floor renovation, floor renovation into sanding, putty, paint, paint, wax polish five steps. When polished, professional grinders need. In addition, it should be moved out of the house before the renovation of all items to ensure that when painting the house clean and dust-free. Staff told the author, floor damage occurs, when mildew and deformation, generally difficult to carry out renovation. Because mildew is usually deep interior floors, polished surface still have moldy spots, deformation and damage can not be remedied by grinding.
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