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bamboo flooring should not buy

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/29/2015 09:52 PM

Bamboo flooring as a very unique kind of flooring, wear, pressure, moisture, fire, its physical properties than solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring and a tensile strength higher than the shrinkage rate of less than solid wood flooring, thus laying is not cracking, no distortion, deformation bagging. Weekdays, when we buy bamboo flooring should be careful not to buy bamboo flooring texture unclear.
It is understood that the quality of bamboo flooring are born more than three years of bamboo and refined. The selection of bamboo flooring, to hand Dian Dian weight, the weight of more sedate choose bamboo flooring. Lightweight bamboo flooring is usually one to two years with the tender green bamboo making, tender bamboo not useful, low density, more tender bamboo, stability and flexural compressive strength is not very good. More than three years of bamboo is raw density, good stability, more durable.
Old bamboo flooring is not enough light to see the weight, but also to observe its texture, if texture blurred, indicating that this is not fresh bamboo bamboo flooring, bamboo is older.
Good bamboo flooring is relatively high degree of surface wear. Bamboo flooring usually use matte paint wear, the selection of bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring is available in sand surface grinding back and forth a dozen, if there is no significant change in the bamboo flooring, showing its wear resistance is better. Because bamboo flooring plant crude fiber structure, high hardness, high density, so it's thermal conductivity, resistance to deformation better than other wooden floors, or the most suitable as geothermal heating floor.
Bamboo flooring processing accuracy is also very important. You can take any of the selection of ten or so bamboo floor, on a flat surface, no big gap after the floor mosaic, shape and tidy, stable structure is good quality bamboo flooring floor. In addition, bamboo flooring after a unique secondary carbonization technology, the bamboo after the eggs, fat, sugar, protein and other nutrients all carbonized, not only waterproof performance greatly improved, but also to eliminate the infestation problem.
Experts warned that bamboo flooring in daily use, should avoid collision with hard objects, sharp scratches, metal friction and so on. When cleaning, use tighten relatively dry mop. If conditions permit, two to three months to play a floor wax, so more help extend the life of the floor.
Article Source:
[url=]outdoor decking ideas[/url]
[url= ]synthetic wood paneling[/url]

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