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Posted by: johnyinfo11 on 12/09/2015 10:24 PM

As we all know, there are moving companies that have the reputation of scamming their clients. These disreputable movers use various fraudulent tricks for their scams. In order to help the public, this article is written in order to educate consumers on the various tricks used by scamming moving companies.

The Hostage

The Hostage is the most common scam practice done by several disreputable moving companies. The mover would provide their clients an estimate during their agreement, but they would then charge extras once the movers possess the belongings of their clients. The client who believes that the company's previous estimate was the right one, they would be surprised to see that they will need to pay double or triple the estimate. If the clients want their belongings back, they will need to pay the bigger price.

Trumped-Up Delivery Charges

This trick goes hand-in-hand with The Hostage. Movers would concoct baseless reasons why they will require additional charges. For instance, the moving company's estimate is based on cubic feet, the moving company would then charge you additional fees because they say your valuables have exceeded the estimated weight of goods. Because calculating this would be impossible, there's no other choice but to pay the fees in order to get the belongings. Another example of such charges is that packing was not part on the estimate or having additional charges because belongings are not packed yet.

Bait And Switch

It is another trick wherein the movers provide a low estimate as bait to their clients. When the moving is almost finished, they will then switch the arrangement. The low estimate clients expect would suddenly become far from what they have thought.


Abandonment of belongings usually happens with rogue movers. Rogue movers would load the client's belongings and take their money, then suddenly close up and disappear. They would abandon the shipment on a storage facility or the truck or worse, they would take with them the client's belongings, never to be seen again. If a client is fortunate enough to find them, there's a need to pay huge fees just to retrieve them.

Late Deliveries

Late delivery is a very bad experience for those who experienced this. Clients would be expecting to get their belongings on the agreed time and date, only to realize that their belongings wouldn't arrive at all. When they call, they would only realize that their belongings would arrive late. Sometimes, it would arrive after a few days, but there are also instance that it arrives after several weeks or even months.

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