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packers and movers bangalore @

Posted by: johnyinfo11 on 12/16/2015 02:06 AM

When you first begin searching for a moving company you may think that you will have to rely on phone conversations with a salesperson, and talking with one of your loved ones or friends who used a company to determine which one you should choose. With today's technology and the various review websites available, you can now view hundreds or perhaps thousands of online reviews about various moving companies in your area to determine which moving company is right for you. Below are two ways that you can find out if a moving company is right for you.

Yelp is a review site where an individual can comment and post your review on anything from a restaurant to dry cleaners and plumbers. This site can be helpful for someone searching for a moving company because not only will it give you the locations of various companies, but will also give you reviews from past customers of the company. An important thing to note, just like every other thing you hear or see on the internet, that you take the information you have read with a grain of salt. There are some companies who hire or even post fake positive reviews on these review sites to make it seem like they are a reputable company. A good way of determining if the reviewer is an actual person is to see how many reviews they have written. Usually if it is the business writing the comments they will have only written one or two reviews, while a usual reviewer will write various amounts of reviews for different types of businesses (i.e. a restaurant, oil change shop, and retail store) for example.

Friends and Family

This should go without saying, but the most trusted people in your lives will give you the most honest reviews on anything from family problems to moving companies, so trust them. If a loved one or family member has used a certain moving company in the past, ask them how they would rate the services and if they would use that company again. This recommendation can be trusted much more than an internet review or salespersons talk.

Contact the Company

After researching companies on review sites such as Yelp and receiving reviews and recommendations from friends and family, it is now time to turn to the companies themselves. This will allow you to not only ask questions about costs and service fees, but will help you to better understand the moving company itself. Usually the person you will be speaking with will be friendly and open, which is standard procedure, but be sure to ask questions that will make them think, such as "Will you allow me to talk with previous clients?", "Can I visit your office and facilities to see how you handle your clients belongings?". If they answer no to either of these, a red flag should go up. While saying no is not necessarily a bad thing (perhaps they are very busy at the current time), they should allow you to speak with previous customers without fear of losing you or your business.

Overall it is important that you visit all facets of reviews, comments and information as possible when trying to find the right moving company for you and your needs. Without proper research you may just find yourself dealing with a second rate moving company that could care less if your belonging get scratched, damaged, or end up missing, so please take a look at and ask friends and family if they had any experience with moving companies.

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