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Wood flooring experts believe that: the wooden floor imminent price

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/29/2015 11:39 PM

<p>Professionals have pointed out, 2011 will be the brand of [url=]adding a deck to the walk out basement with concrete patio[/url] relatively tough year. By the end of March, from industry-related departments understand: since 2011, nearly as brand flooring loss, in order to survive, wooden floor price adjustment is imminent.</p>
<p>Concerned that the wood flooring business losses mainly due to a variety of cost or rising too fast, and the price of wood has been no substantial increase. The purchase price of raw materials wood floor had at least more than 30% growth, for example: early in 2010 300,000 yuan / ton Vietnam pear ordinary materials, in 2011 has risen to 700,000 yuan quotes / ton; rents sharply mainstream home store rising rents per square meter generally rose 30-50 yuan / month, the rental cost is only one store at least a year increased nearly 10 million, plus wages, logistics, service and other costs have also increased significantly. On the whole, in 2011, the cost per square meter of the regular brand wooden flooring companies rose an average of more than 20%.</p>
<p>In the case of wood flooring rising costs, a full year, the basic price did not rise wooden floors. 3.15 During 2011, various brands of wood flooring sales are not very optimistic about the desire by large festive puerile little disappointed. Rising costs and so fast, a lot of wood flooring enterprises are facing a crisis of survival. Many [url=]Composite Decking Home Hardware[/url] official also said that if the prices do not really struggling to survive, price Shishuwunai.</p>
<p>Available in the color dark color furniture floor to reconcile, such as New York pier beans, lattice wood; furniture light color optional Some warm floor, such as wire son, Africa neem, two winged beans and so on. Ninth trick: choose the construction unit, lay programs and after-sales service in the purchase of the floor at the same time, consumers in order to prevent the occurrence of unnecessary trouble in the future, you need to consider a number of issues. For example: How to shop floor? Who Shop? When shop? How to maintain? Who is responsible for warranty. Who should choose who is responsible for the sales floor laying, do not just hire a renovation team or decoration company to lay the floor, in the end is a problem do not know who to turn to.</p>
<p>Wood floors are durable consumer goods. Buy a home is just a semi-finished wood floors only through science, proper installation, in order to reflect the value of its perfection. Also due to the natural characteristics of wood, influenced by the climate, some of the changes to go through a certain season to show it. Therefore, it is particularly important after-sales service floor. Share the article you might be interested in: how to identify the quality of solid wood flooring material selected quality wood flooring material does not depend on whether or not the concrete floor pavement precious wood floor to be due to circumstances precautions when [url=]composite decking wholesale malaysia[/url] should pay special attention to what is solid wood floor laminate flooring, solid wood flooring laminate flooring okay?</p>

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