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good Green paint Suggest

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/10/2015 09:25 PM

Suggest: research direction (1) eliminate the source of the hollow of a tree dye coatings industry, rather than at the end of treatment, the solvent-based coatings,[url=]decking material reviews Armenia[/url] it should be strictly prohibited in foreign countries have been clearly defined hazardous, toxic solvents and substances, they should vigorously develop non-toxic, harmless new paint solvent. (2) Synthesis method should have "atom economy", as far as possible to participate in the reaction process of atom into the final product. (3) try not to use and does not produce harmful to human health and the environment of the substance in the synthesis process.

(4) design with high efficiency, high efficiency, high performance, low-pollution new paint (5) Try not harmful, toxic additives.In this regard, the industry exclaimed,[url=]courtyard fences wood[/url] bargain will be, will buy, JPS would otherwise be a good way of business of small profits, could have reached the doors of businesses and consumers mutually beneficial purpose, but because of bad business operations in order to attract consumers false advertising, site utilization bargain division and "speeding customer representative" collaborate with each other to promote the signing of old tricks, irresponsible and indifferent to the after-sales service, and ultimately allow consumers to buy doors and other home building products loss of confidence, so that the credibility of the entire market greatly reduced, so that all businesses suffer.

Consumer alerts: good consultation hold credentials As we all know, doors and other household products particularity bulk and need to be installed, and buy products often do not contain free service, it will instead lead consumers to spend more money wasted. Industry in this regard to remind consumers, [url=]composite flooring for trailers[/url] be sure to ask when buying a discount or to buy building materials clean installation and service details, to avoid the blind pursuit of low prices caused more money in the service sectors; in case of more than 30 days of receipt and other special case, you should consult in advance and good after-sales business issues and keep the relevant documents.Note, however, must be completely dry before waxing the floor, etc., in order to avoid the wax layer can not be completely attached to the wooden floor. But to make the floor in a little bit of white. And preferably using a flat sponge mop, mop cotton with in order to avoid general agent remaining on the floor.

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