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House decoration

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/22/2015 10:24 PM

Similar to other home appliances category, enter thirties gas industry, this year also encountered development of the "Kaner." Fortunately, a new opportunity to upgrade seems to eyes. Recently, in an event held in Beijing gas industry, China National Hardware Association Portland stone monk told reporters that want to better develop a gas market, it is necessary at this stage shouted "decoration." Exquisite imperfect Hinder industry "progress" December 14, [url=]grill pad that does not stain the deck[/url] held in Beijing in the fourth (2015 year) on China's top ten innovative models of gas appliances press conference, revealing a set of data: 2015 January to September, the national gas appliances industry completed a total import the amount of $ 191,233,900, an increase of -4.47%.

Gas appliances import was down trend for four consecutive months, June July fell over 3 percent. For imports decline, Portland stone monk think this shows that the current domestic gas appliance market, domestic brands of gas stove are increasingly being accepted by the market, which can also explain the growing local brands of gas appliances to meet the domestic high-end market demand. It is understood that, as China's economy into quality and efficiency, upgrade turn create a "new normal", China's gas industry is also gradually transfer mode, adjust structure, to achieve the speed to quality,[url=]wooden privacy fence designs[/url] from manufacturing to create change, the high-end market more and more favored by the consumer side. However, in between the high-end gas appliance market with consumers, but because the domestic property market imperfections decoration currently implemented in virtually adds a touching barrier, face relatively specialized gas appliance products, users can customize the still buy .

Data show that the current property market is facing a wish "to stock" problem, there are 680 million square meters of inventory awaiting resolved, so, of Portland stone monk believed that this just can appeal property carry out decoration, because it allows a gas market the property market has some right to speak.[url=]composite bamboo fencing Norfolk[/url] Director of Guangdong Macro Gas Appliance Co., Ltd. Shao Yan also said that from the experience of foreign countries, the Singapore property market, for example, new room, roof, floor and kitchen decoration are refined decoration standard. But Portland stone monk also told reporters that the current gas appliance market in residence is not yet in a relatively strong position, especially in the decoration, products related to pipe gas appliances, installation of water pipes and gas resources in this area still controlled by the Company .

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