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Micro-marketing era

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/18/2015 01:12 AM

Today, the popularity of the Internet is increasing, cabinet dealers online sales channels to broaden duty-bound. Because online marketing not only narrow the distance with consumers, but also more cost savings. As settled Lynx, open up the electricity supplier of the road, opened the public micro-channel number,[url=]recycling anti-fungus composites deck[/url] with the customer face to face exchanges are feasible approach. But the traditional way of selling does not mean that the line is eliminated, it still occupies an important place in the minds of consumers, so the cabinet dealers should actively develop sales channels. Problems encountered no one to talk? Himself tangled? Do most taboo store operations, and the problem is not solved in time, will be piled up, slowly defeat your self-confidence.

Enterprises should learn to build an exchange platform for dealers, distributors and other distributors can get to know, establish exchange group, and learn from each other. To grasp the cabinet dealer sales initiative, sales techniques alone will not work, but also need to tap the product selling point, identifying the target audience, expand sales channels. But insiders pointed out that different cabinets brand dealers should be based on their own circumstances,[url=]laminated plastic timber board[/url] to seek different skills in order to achieve the best results. Third, the lack of a relatively complete system of interactive services can affect brand trust.

In other words, did not establish effective communication between consumers and manufacturers, the information is not timely feedback, communication efficiency is very low, while the factory is completely unaware of, were all muddle through brokers, which the brand damage is very high, so the lack of a sound service system to improve interaction user confidence in the brand. How to customize the trend into cabinet companies respond? With customized capital and continue to be recognized by the market, custom home must be the future trend of the industry. For walking customized cabinets enterprises, [url=]landscaping timber for decorative wall[/url] should think about is how to improve efficiency, especially for purposes of traditional channels, more interactive system should be established between the consumer, the traditional dealers have a complete system for standardization or innovation and cooperation, so that distributors and manufacturers more closely and better able to serve the customers.

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