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Many kinds of wood flooring using geothermal heating to pick

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/08/2016 01:56 AM

<p>Outside the north wind blowing, the house was cozy warmth. Ever since the warm, cold winter is gone. Consumers have not yet installed or are ready to install floor heating to warm, do not forget to warm for the home with a most suitable to warm the floor. Now available in many kinds of flooring, wood [url=]making benches with composite lumber[/url] in the end what best suited to warm to use it first thing we look at the market, several common wood flooring:? Wood flooring: are natural materials, rustic, natural, a synthetic material irreplaceable The advantage: Non-toxic, odorless, comfortable, but the installation of solid wood flooring laying capacity, use and maintenance of more trouble. Composite laminate flooring: wood is after crushing, filling glue, preservatives, additives, high temperature and high pressure pressing machine pressing process is made, so it breaks the physical structure of logs, to overcome the weaknesses of poor wood stability. High strength, wear factor, corrosion, decay of the advantages of.</p>
<p>Wood flooring: wood flooring is staggered by different species of plates laminated, solid wood flooring way to overcome the shortcomings of the same sex, a small swelling rate of shrinkage, good dimensional stability, and to retain the solid wood flooring natural wood and comfortable foot feeling. What kind of wood for heating? Solid wood flooring is not suitable for [url=]premade composite fence panels[/url] heating: Why wood flooring is not suitable for it to warm solid wood flooring to be laid dragon skeleton, middle keel air, this will reduce the thermal efficiency, poor warm late effect?. In addition, the laying of solid wood flooring nails threat to floor heating system is very high. Thus, solid wood flooring is not suitable to warm the floor.</p>
<p>Laminate flooring for floor heating: laminate flooring good thermal conductivity, relatively stable, wear-resistant, not easily deformed at high temperatures, it is suitable as a warm floor. However, in the production of laminate flooring adds glue, in the case of high temperatures may be released. So when buying laminate flooring, must be to regulate the place to buy laminate flooring meet environmental standards. Parquet for floor heating: [url=]international hardwood flooring[/url] thickness of about 7 ~ 8mm, its very good thermal conductivity, heat can be diffused uniformly on the surface. Solid wood flooring is the most popular warm floor.</p>

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