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Original wooden doors still market

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/06/2016 07:58 PM

In the economic growth is slowing down, accelerating economic restructuring and economic normality, to enable the whole industry to upgrade as soon as possible to find their own paths and anchor, early adapt to the new normal, into the healthy development track, China Building Materials Federation since the year January began to organize the "effectively change the mode of development, promote the transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry to the depth transition" great debate activities for the provincial and municipal building materials industry associations, [url=]wood and plastic waste utilization[/url] professional associations, the large enterprise groups Nagon suggestions. Interviews in February this year on the "China Building Materials News" and "China's building materials" magazine Qiao Longde, president of China Building Materials Federation, entitled "Transition speed depends on consciousness sooner or later," as the opening, officially kicked off the great debate.

An industry source said it best: "You do not put the consumer in mind, the final consumer nor will you looked down on." Sanitary industry is related to people happiness index of the industry, there are thousands of thousands of well-known brands and small brands on the market, why not be able to occupy most of the market share as the industry like other big brands? Awareness of this and sanitary enterprises and Positioning has a great relationship, [url=]3 ft black galvanized steel rail fence panel[/url] sanitary enterprises should first provide consumers with safe, high-quality products, good after-sales services related to the installation, in order to establish a truly too can trust the image in the minds of consumers.Competition to choose a good rival Since it has been determined that a good mahogany furniture brand of consumer groups, also has clear strategic direction and marketing mahogany furniture brand, we must turn to the mahogany furniture brand competitors.

Conventional thinking that: competitors are peers, so mahogany furniture brand competitors should mahogany furniture brand. Can say that this view is wrong, it is not only the wrong opponent, but also because of the wrong rivals affected the development of the industry. integrated housing, walls and windows; green decoration materials; lighting; cloth wallpaper ; and other real estate, modern building technology and services, covering all areas of the building materials industry chain, both large-scale three-dimensional platform of modern construction industry achievements, but also China's construction industry, housing industry technology innovation and integration of technological achievements; modern building equipment AC window. 2009,[url=]bathroom laminate flooring waterproof[/url] the Shenyang municipal government made the decision to vigorously develop modern construction industry in Shenyang modern construction industry achieved remarkable results, was identified last year, led by a national modern construction industry demonstration cities.

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