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How to install wooden partition doors

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/14/2015 08:02 PM

Now a lot of people carrying out home improvement, like to use partition doors to achieve a certain effect, which is the most used wood partition doors. Wooden partition doors in the end what is it? And how install wooden partition? Here to tell you about. What is a wooden partition doors Wood is also a door partition doors, [url=]composite fence panels uk factory direct[/url] is made of wood partition doors. It is connected to link two spaces, play a guiding principal, split over the role of Hopewell. Wooden partition doors installation method Before installing wooden partition doors, you need to understand the planning drawings, according to the requirements of positioning crossed.

And hit the ground and the top is the best wood mortise depth 50mm, two more than 600mm spacing or else the job. If large-scale construction, we need a tongue and groove structure.[url=]veranda composite decking slippery[/url] Wooden partition doors need vertical keel, reinforced with iron pieces, door frames will prevent loosening. And keel need to be connected together through the ceiling plane, and ceiling layers. Note paper gypsum board needs fixed with screws, and the distance between screw can not be greater than 200mm. If you need to cut off the lower end is covered with wooden skirting board, the distance between the cover panel and its ground to within 20-30mm.

Wooden partition doors of knowledge on the introduction here, we want to help. From the current situation, the future of China's economy has two pillars, the first is the transformation and upgrading. Through decentralization, Internet +, 2025 made in China and a large number of innovations to form an upgraded version of the Chinese economy. The second is to break with the limitations of the world. Intense competition in the market for contemporary floor businesses,[url=]composite 2 x 4 decking prices[/url] is also facing greater challenges. On the topic of ongoing market transformation and upgrading, flooring companies face problems must also be combined with the actual situation of seeking to develop their own direction, only based on reality, to develop clear development goals, in order to win more long-term development in the market.

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