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Wood floor coverings serious consequences caused due to uneven ground

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/15/2015 06:50 PM

<p>If the floor is uneven, over time there will be empty after ring covered with [url=]exterior wpc floor[/url], warped, take the ash and other phenomena, and these problems are not wood quality issues. It is a problem, you might &quot;have nowhere to complain complaint&quot; Oh? On laying wood flooring is most afraid of uneven ground, how to identify it? It is generally used on foot to a carpet measuring two meters. Namely, in the same position measurement cross direction, if there is a greater than 3 mm at the bottom by foot or even 5 mm gap, it shows uneven ground, beyond the wood floor pavement request.</p>
<p>Some people will feel 3 mm does not matter much, if you put a wooden floor, resulting in the emergence of an empty wooden floor ring, lock at the damage, corner to take the gray, wood floor stepping like a seesaw-like feel, this time on the loss big. If the loss due to the owners forced construction, wood flooring company will not give you compensation. So if it is installed wood floor, whether it is solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring or laminate flooring, [url=]Wholesale deck cheapest price[/url] pre-treatment is very important. In addition, if the intensity of the ground is not enough, you can kick their feet from the ashes, this is what we often say that from ash.</p>
<p>This phenomenon after you install wood floor cleaning is very annoying, no matter how clean you keep to the corner will take the ashes on the wooden floor. People walking on the wooden floor put pressure lead to take out all the ash from the seam and corner kick position, which is usually due to the ground to find the cause of primary treatment is not in place. Share the article you might be interested in: wood floor, &quot;four modernizations&quot; wood moisture affect the performance of [url=]how to frame for deck patterns[/url] retail market transition to project faces three major obstacles wood flooring species prices, among the flooring industry competition intensified pressure gum paste, Stain direct impact on the wooden floor of environmental protection</p>

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