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Smart Home Service

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/21/2015 08:11 PM

In Wang silver opinion, a platform can quickly start, the biggest bottleneck is not in service providers to obtain, but in service orders came from, but their "service and sales with both hands" model design, just to resolve this difficulty. At the same time, to make a long-life platform, the need to break the "lack of service standards," the problem, for which the company actively develop "smart home products service standards", starting from the timeliness, supervision and management, security and other aspects, the service quantization, systematic, standardized,[url=]building plan of dimension 666 square foot[/url] such as the "standard" provisions of the user must repair site service within two hours. In addition to third-party service providers, smart home manufacturers are actively exploring, "C.Smart smart home system," manufacturers Huang Weijian exactly one of them. Huang Wei Jian said, the line service system to build too "heavy", is an important reason for the manufacturer afraid to enter, for their company's service personnel get through two channels, one company set up its own professional team, and second and third party company, the other side of the people, they out of training to "two legs" walk the way of assets to reduce the weight pressure.

View Sales service system to build He is a "slow living" As a test the water, Wang silver, Huang Wei Jian expressed, smart home service is slow living, can not be impatient. "When the company was founded in 2012, I did a 'three unprofitable' intention." Wang says that, more than two years, [url=]recycle composite timber decking[/url] the company hard to do three things, first, the establishment of smart home service standards, the second is to take the standard market Verify that the third is to achieve national standards project. Huang Wei Jian also adopted the "slow-paced." This year, he opened a shop in Hangzhou, two entities, undertake product sales, installation, service next year, then slowly covering to Hangzhou surrounding cities.

"We specifically slow the speed to market, and only under the local match line service personnel, we will be in this place distribution." Huang Wei Jian said, the reason why the layout was so slow, because "C.Smart smart home system" Positioning in the middle of consumer groups, service is a major selling point to attract them, while improving the user experience will also conducive to building a high reputation, open markets.2012, silver Wang Feng Gong Technology Co., Ltd. [url=]cost of under deck water proofing[/url] was established in Hangzhou, to build "smart city complex to simple services platform", as a third party in the home of intelligent field first proposed the "Platform + service" concept. Simply put, this platform not only sell control door locks, air conditioning, curtains, lighting, security alerts and other smart home products, but also provide professional service

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