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You should be aware of common sense to buy parquet

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/23/2015 07:40 PM

<p>Parquet (including three [url=]discounted kitchen cabinets[/url], engineered wood flooring) are gradually being fond of consumers, if you determine that choice after laying parquet, mainly choose the right parquet from the following aspects: First, wood Appearance quality laminate flooring solid wood flooring to observe the surface: 1, to observe the parquet surface gloss paint brush, paint whether full uniform, with or without needle granular, with or without indentation, planing marks. 2, to observe the parquet surface material for visible defects. Parquet surface should not have decayed, dead knots, knotholes, wormholes, cracks, and other defects leather folder.</p>
<p>3, take a look at the surrounding wood flooring tongue, groove and complete. Second, parquet dimensional tolerances meets the requirements 1, see the parquet Size tolerance length, width, thickness and whether the same product introduction; 2, to see the tenon [url=]automatic fire extinction cladding for bathrooms[/url], dimension stitching is tight, smooth, you can checks more block parquet, the flat glass surface or ground assembly, watch their combined tightness, and whether its surface smooth touch.</p>
<p>Third, parquet intrinsic quality inherent quality is a key indicator of various wood flooring, but it is difficult to determine the direct sense, must be by means of tests, therefore, must watch their inspection report, the main indicators are as follows: 1, the use of formaldehyde emission urea-formaldehyde resin production The laminated flooring, there is this problem, if excessive formaldehyde released into the air, will be harmful to the human body. National standards: per 100g floor formaldehyde content shall not exceed 1.5mg 2, the moisture content of wood flooring moisture content usually reaches about 12% of the basic qualification (different regions, different moisture content standards).</p>
<p>3, gluing properties are used when manufacturing parquet adhesive coated plate surface hot pressing, so glued directly affect the results and the quality of life. Gluing quality may reflect its quality through two performance indicators, namely dipping stripping and bonding strength. Both parameters were measured on the specimen is measured after the water has a temperature of treatment, impregnation peel values ??as low as possible, the higher the value, the better the bonding strength. Share the article you might be interested in: parquet structural analysis of how the correct choice of glue quality parquet flooring parquet quality selection decision [url=]narrow hallway how to lay wood flooring[/url] to force several major reasons parquet three homogeneous, performance is more stable?</p>

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