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Five Steps to buy wood flooring!

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/17/2015 11:02 PM

During the entire home improvement, select the surface decoration materials is the most basic of the most important, but in recent years, increasing demand for solid wood flooring people of all ages, how to choose a desirable wood floor is up to everyone to ask The problem. So today as we introduce the optional Liu Buqu wood floors.
The first step: choose the color price
Solid wood colors on the market from birch wood color to deep rosewood dozens, numerous, the price of precious vary slightly different degree, from a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars. Then you choose the time you need to be determined according to their actual economic situation as well as home decor. Try to choose commonly used when purchasing materials, colors to try and coordinate the overall style of the home.
Step Two: choose well-known brand products
Look for the brand to buy brand products, is one of the points of purchase, most of the owners at the time of purchase wood flooring focus on price and color, but often overlooked manufacturers choice, in fact, a good brand reputation, not only in the industry better, but also on the products have a certain warranty period, all occurring within the warranty period of the problems can be responsible for the repair, eliminating a lot of worries.
The third step: choose surface quality
Surface coating uniform, smooth, no bubbles, missing paint, no dead section, articulated, cracking, decay, fungus change and other defects. With regard to color, because the wood flooring is natural wood, color and pattern on the uneven objective is inevitable, as long as the pavement when a minor adjustment.
Step Four: sorting accuracy
Remove a few pieces of wood flooring in glass or smooth floor assembly is good, then touch with seeing, precision processing quality, finish, is flat, install slot, resistance to deformation groove assembly, and so on.
Step five: choose sale
Service is when consumers buy solid wood flooring should improve one procedure, indicating who is responsible for the installation and the problems and other problems in the future on the invoice, which can provide the basis for future disputes about quality, we also should be aware of.
More than five steps, I hope we are able to comprehensively learn and use, to choose their own satisfaction wooden floors.
Article Source:
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[url= ]manufacturing process of wood floor[/url]

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