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Development of building materials

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/08/2015 11:49 PM

Range of high performance materials, how there may be a better building it? Huge breakthrough basic theory of different building materials, building materials, mechanical, physical and chemical properties are always defined by their chemical composition, structural condition of the decision, which related to building materials The study also revolved around material composition, structure, properties, processing and use of functional and expanded. Currently, supplies are moving towards lightweight, high strength, durable, multi-direction. In the high-tech era, chemistry, physics and other basic sciences continue to develop, produce a lot of new theories and technologies in these new theoretical guidance, the introduction of new experimental techniques continue to be validated, to promote the basic theory of building materials continue to make breakthroughs in the field of . From the composition analysis of building materials, properties, microstructure (including the arrangement of atoms and defects, electronic motion and energy conversion, bond types, etc.) and macro structure from the start, many of the basic theories and branches have emerged, such as colloid chemistry, surface physical chemistry, material rheology, silicate chemistry, concrete chemistry, materials fracture theory, polymer physics and chemistry. Application of these theories, the composition, microstructure and macroscopic properties of the material together, can proactively design new materials with high performance, you can even use a variety of sophisticated computer-aided design work, thus ending human blindness Looking for quality building materials by the opportunity to make a breakthrough in history, according to the people's wishes into a new era of construction materials. Humans discovered cement, lime, gypsum these cementitious materials are relying on chance opportunities, and a variety of modern cement, concrete and the emergence of composite materials with special functions are relying on the theoretical guidance, and even create foreseen by the model to other The new building has yet to exist.
Building materials production of high-tech production of building materials is often mistakenly believe that science and technology does not require, that the error is not producing the ingredients, production processes and institutional changes affect the material properties. Now, with the people on the increasing demand of building materials, building materials production more and more attention. Such as cement production due to the raw material preparation, smithery way, calcination temperature, calcination time, cooling rate, the grinding fineness different produce cement properties (intensity and its development, and the exothermic heat of hydration rate, condensate time, etc.) vary; building materials production and construction steel, ceramics, glass, are also just a few. So, a lot of building materials production have introduced high-tech means, such as using a variety of precision instruments measuring the mass, temperature, pressure, temperature, length, speed, angle, roughness, etc., and linked by computer measuring instruments and machinery and equipment, to achieve automatic regulation and control, namely, the achievement / unmanned production workshop 0.
Building materials industry is not only the need of environmental pollution caused by the industry, but also in other industries waste will be effectively utilized. A variety of industries such as metallurgy metallurgical slag, fly ash thermal power plants or boiling slag, phosphate fertilizer industry, phosphogypsum, garbage, construction waste and other waste emissions from these amazing, the waste will be seriously polluted water into the river, clogging river, piled up a lot of land occupation, to make many / artificial desert 0, and after the rain washed the soil near the yard were also contaminated. Most industrial waste have been calcination, with volcanic ash activity, can and other natural materials, like volcanic ash, which is potentially appropriate way to stimulate activity through out the production of building materials. Japan is a resource-poor country, industrial waste is a valuable resource in Japan, almost all of them use. Number of building materials industry consumes huge mineral resources, the waste of building materials, both beneficial to the environment, but also save non-renewable resources, it is an important strategy for sustainable development in the building materials industry. In the high-tech era, due to the development of basic science, basic theory of building materials has been a huge breakthrough. In support of these theories and modern technologies, building materials production, application and testing and so achieve a high-tech.
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