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Home Industry Alliance 2015

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/27/2015 09:46 PM

Home Industry Alliance 2015, Chinese resistance group, the strategy of capital, thousands of joint ventures and Cowin The Asia-Pacific media industry capital injection, work together to explore pan-home industry, "Internet +" mode; Hengda Real Estate to join the federal furniture, trimetazidine, [url=]decking floor wpc cost[/url] Sofia, top solid Mercury textile and other 15 household brands to build alliances and cooperative relations, to provide "hardcover + free home" experience for new home buyers; In addition to serving on the contest in the current market situation unprecedented fierce competition, improve product quality, expand sales, so the floor would be a good way of business while maintaining stability. Specifically, the flooring company in screening suppliers of raw materials, to the implementation of strict environmental assessment providers to ensure the rational use of resources;

focus on the whole production process of rigorous self-picking; eliminate formaldehyde pollution, both to ensure quality but also to ensure environmental protection. [url=]pvc plastic sheet for boat floor[/url] For a country with a long-term development goals of the enterprise, the intensity of competition in the market will give rise to the industry's survival of the fittest, which for business is also a higher challenge. When the local board business development to a certain scale, product quality and service quality will determine the status of enterprises in the industry to some extent, therefore, the actual flooring companies in the development process must also be carried out to ensure that the nature of the work, so that it can in the white-hot market competition to win.Custom flooring brands only take the initiative to transition from selling products to sell services, in order to achieve longer-term development.

Thus, flooring company in the changing market environment of the moment, it must identify the direction of development, customization requirements become more prominent at the moment, only the flooring business in accordance with consumer demand, and constantly improve themselves, to achieve the desired development goals. For the flooring industry, internal adjustment is a challenge and an opportunity in the future, do not have the core competitiveness of the small brands will be eliminated. For flooring manufacturers, with the core technology it is very important. Currently, [url=]plastic panel company[/url] a variety of marketing model is the impact floors traditional marketing model, focusing on creative marketing, to improve their competitiveness is the key to the current floor marketing. For floor businesses, want to seize market share, it is necessary to continue to improve their ability to innovate.

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