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2016 new regulations Home

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/11/2016 02:05 AM

Quality custom home under supervision New regulations: January 1 implementation of the "whole house custom home products" standard National Federation of Furniture Industry Association released the "whole house custom home products," industry standard, for furniture, wall panels, doors, windows, ceiling, cabinets,[url=]wood plastic floor belgium[/url] bathroom, stairs, and other household products customized to make the appropriate specifications, and from 2016 From January 1 officially implemented. This standard specifies the whole house custom home product terms and definitions, classification, materials, general provisions, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, along with documents, transport and storage, services and so on.

Production and testing custom furniture for residential renovation and supporting products. Personality does not mean that can be capricious. In the "full house custom home products" industry standard, the basic dimensions of custom-made furniture clearly defined. In Cabinet furniture, for example, [url=]plastic lumber boards for sale[/url] the standard requirements of swing space for hanging clothes cabinet depth should be ��530 mm, folding laundry place ��450 mm deep space between the bookcase layer of clear height ��230 mm. In addition, the standard set forth in welded parts should be firm, no sealing off, Weld, misaligned, while the welding point should be uniform, burr height difference should be less than 1 mm, [url=]exterior wood deck floor covering[/url] no cracks, holes, undercuts and other defects. In addition, the new national standard also on-site inspection made a clear request: color products, shape, installation position, the operator shall comply with the order requirements and direction;

firmly installed, correct; the components are various functions properly; hardware free from rust, activities smooth opening and closing member, feeling no obvious blocking phenomenon; stay consistent design crevice gap width, meet the design requirements; sealant neat appearance; shut neat, with walls, cabinets and other non-obvious gap is too big, no chipping arc line; surface without nail guns, screws, no damage; surface without smudges, glue marks and dirt; site clean, [url=]decking lay on uneven concrete and dirt[/url] no rubbish left over. Purifier did not dare to flicker New regulations: March 1 implementation of the "air purifier" New GB National Standards Committee released the newly revised "air purifier" national standards, a clear evaluation of the air purifier basic technical indicators and air purifier products, logos and labels. The new standards will be March 1, 2016 officially implemented. Future consumers to buy, will be better when compared to the use of air purifiers, and calculates the filter life.

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