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Traditional furniture industry

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/24/2015 08:54 PM

In recent years, in Shenzhen to do more and more business-friendly bag, they occupy a market share of traditional home industry, cross-border robbery. Perhaps this word for the people, too sharp, too serious, but in fact not too much. How to deal with these "invaders"? Faced with the real estate, the Internet and other new industries electricity suppliers to test the water in the home industry and even the enclosure, the traditional home industry,[url=]easy to install pavers for covering concrete[/url] how to change? In the Forum site, the three guests of these issues were discussed . phenomenon Cross-border "robbery" began a few years ago We often say that the bag check, a total of eight packages, package design,[url=]fence composite wood[/url] building kits, construction kits, installed solid furniture package, motion furniture pack, soft furnishings installed package, appliance packages and features kit. These eight packages can provide, the more able to do the integration of service bag check. In recent years, many dealers are three indicators generally reflect the terminal into the store rate, turnover rate, customer a single rate of decline in a straight line.

Not only because of the owners to reduce, stores were split on the rise, most importantly, the customer was intercepted. Now involved in every step of the electricity supplier, robbery path of traditional industries. Deng Jianfeng, deputy general manager of the home, said: "This robbery should be started in the past few years, especially the past two years." But the last two years due to the country's housing sales channels changed much,[url=]how good and durable is composite decking[/url] the dependence of smaller stores. From the total amount in terms of increased sales platform, making the share of sales has not been reduced, and therefore, their influence for smaller robbery.

For SEN, their owners this year, the increase is still very high. The performance of the business section of the previous year, growth should reach more than 20 percent, from this year's downturn in terms of the environment, this range is very rare. Proactive bamboo Jun, deputy general manager believes that now a lot of public opinion often intentionally or unintentionally, the electricity supplier and the entity will become a state of confrontation,[url=]precut wood strips for cast iron ends yard bench[/url] seems to be one or the other, he does not endorse this view. "I think it will call providers and entities should be an organic combination of complementary, but now binding law also is not clear how, has not been found so that everyone can accept, each of which can find their common on the cake, as everyone recognized mode. "electricity supplier is a trend in the future, it will penetrate into all sectors, but the traditional enterprise, the cumulative reputation, brand and services, marketing, not build out overnight.

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