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How wood floor waxing, floor waxing parquet Notes

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/10/2016 05:49 PM

<p>As we all know, wood use for some time, in order to keep the surface shiny, must regularly waxing. Many people in the waxing may, but do not know how to operate. What wood floor waxing to pay attention to? [url=]build an outdoor dance floor for a party[/url] waxing and pay attention to what the problem? Wood flooring including solid wood flooring, engineered flooring, laminate flooring. Because the material relationship, solid wood flooring, engineered flooring require regular waxing; and to strengthen the floor you do not need waxing, waxing but will be counterproductive.</p>
<p>1. parquet floor waxing waxing choice of select fine weather fine weather because the weather changes the wax will be drunk this state are constantly changing. Rain and humidity is too high, parquet waxing will produce whitish phenomenon. 5 degrees below room temperature when, floor wax will harden. Therefore, we must choose to [url=]composite wood flooring for playhouse[/url] maintenance work in fine weather. 2. waxing of parquet wood flooring surfaces clear garbage, dirt First, use vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of parquet trash and dust. Wipe the stain on the parquet with a diluted neutral detergent. On the parquet difficult to remove stains can satisfy the water clean. To prevent the detergent accumulates in the trench at a rag soaked in detergent to try to wring. Floor wax strippers remind everyone will lead parquet cause stains and bulging, absolutely unusable.</p>
<p>3. waxing the parquet with a well wrung cloth to wipe wring use cloth to wipe. Especially parquet surface, the groove portion, carefully wipe, do not residual detergent. Such as residual detergent and water will cause the surface of white, bulging. 4. sufficient surface moisture to dry the parquet floor waxing and groove parts after completely dry before waxing. Depending on the season, time is also needed to change, but generally take half a day or more. Such as has not been sufficiently dried, floor wax will not tightly attached to the [url=]how to make composite fence panels[/url] surface and affect appearance, whitened phenomenon. Just parquet waxing note the above matters, parquet will be able to properly maintained and shiny, but will also extend its service life!</p>

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