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Teach you choose floor coverings accessories

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/11/2016 07:29 PM

Home improvement and environmental protection need to start from the details, so when floor coverings, floor to choose environmentally friendly, but also to choose environmentally friendly flooring installation accessories. Next, small series and friends to share the wood floor coverings Raiders auxiliary decoration materials purchase, [url=]murals on wooden fences[/url] it may be helpful to you. Part1: flooring installation method to use more materials so different flooring installation methods are more different materials floor installation need to select the most suitable installation, and installation of different materials is not the same need to use. Let's first look at the main floor installation requires different materials used. First, the necessary accessories: skirting and buckle when almost all floor coverings, accessories Less is baseboard and buckle. Skirting for blocking the floor and wall cracks;

and buckle is used to connect floorboards, modification gap between the floor. Buckle with a relatively small, relatively robust enough attention to the selection when purchasing, [url=]wood plastic composite shanghai[/url] so the following is not more talk about the purchase of related knowledge buckle. Second, the keel laying method: wooden keel solid wood flooring and parquet use more keel laying method, this method is the use of the laying of the keel is fixed to the ground, then the keel laying of the floor surface. Keel also took part in wooden keel, steel keel, aluminum keel, but when used in floor coverings, basically use wood keel. The quality of the wood keel, a direct impact on the firm floor and home environment. Third, [url=]best composite deck hidden fasteners[/url] the suspension laying method: multi-use floor mats strengthen suspension lay method, which is the floor tile directly on the underlayer laying methods. It has laid a simple, short construction period, low cost.

Suspension lay method requires use of accessories are floor mats, floor mats primarily as moisture, mute and other effects. Fourth, direct gluing method: direct gluing plastic floor is directly bonded to the ground floor, requiring very smooth floor clean and dry. More suitable for the length of 30cm under the wood and cork flooring installation. Direct gluing the name suggests, the need to use more plastic floor. Part2: optional floor-mounted baseboard essential Weapon floor there is a certain coefficient of expansion, stretching the gap when laying need to leave, leave some distance between the floor and the walls in general, [url=]best price wood decking in sweden[/url] if there is no coverage would be difficult to see the baseboard. Therefore, when the floor-mounted baseboard is essential to use a very large amount, if its quality is, it will seriously affect the overall environmental protection. First, the classification of the current market baseboard baseboard skirting the main material in accordance with the different categories.

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