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Bamboo flooring problem of governance

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/29/2015 01:20 AM

Question 1 floor cracks
Cause: The most likely indoors too dry, causing the floor board dry shrinkage; local boards are soaked, damp too easily pushed cracking due to expansion; installation of the floor joints reserve is not enough, are likely to cause the floor to crack.
Precautions: maintain good indoor ventilation, indoor humidity is maintained at between 40% -80%, use a humidifier in winter can be more; avoid floor was flooding, do not use a wet mop to wipe the floor; set aside appropriate stretching the pavement seam.
Question 2 paint cracking
Reason: seizing due to damp or too dry indoor environments lead to shrinkage cracking bamboo flooring.
Precautions: maintain good indoor ventilation, indoor humidity is maintained at between 40% -80%.
Question 3 floors away from the seam
Cause: The environment is too dry leading to widening the gap between the floor away from the seam phenomenon veneer; bamboo flooring through the shop area is too large and there is no reasonable cause to set off the seam joints.
Preventive measures: Pavement recommendation in accordance with China National Forest Products Industry Association Flooring Committee, the local board width direction laid ≥6 meters length or floor length direction of the lay length ≥15 meters, the best use reasonable interval measures, setting joints with buckle Transitional. In addition, to maintain good indoor ventilation, indoor humidity appropriate.
Question 4 floors abnormal noise
Cause: The ground is uneven or rough wood keel; bagging deformation results in the occurrence of noise floor; flooring nails nail holding power is loose enough to cause the floor to produce sound; the moisture content of wood keel failure will lead to abnormal sound. In addition, the use of inferior oil maintenance can also cause abnormal noise floor.
Preventive measures: shall wood keel or ground leveling, do not appear uneven phenomenon; wooden keel moisture content should be between 8% -12%; to keep indoor humidity suitable, do not make the ground wet; in the pavement according to specifications proper use of flooring nails.
TIPS: Do not think of bamboo flooring appear sound, or a floor that is non-normal quality problems. Because bamboo flooring is wood, itself has a stretch, if not step on time, occasionally appear similar to "pop" sound, this sound is normal. If you only a step on the floor occurs "click" or "creak" sound, which can conclude that it belongs abnormal sound.
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