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The road home industry innovation

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/28/2015 10:35 PM

In 2015, the change in the industry, "power" seems to have increased. Home business to private enterprises, the traditional profit growth mainly depends on the production increase to bring development funds, financing channels in addition to bank lending, the other is not too much. This year, the integration of capital markets and the domestic industry is striking: many listed companies, a successful example for the industry; companies to get venture capital,[url=]composite patio steps Gwent[/url] so that innovative models with power; restructuring, integration of capital between enterprises, so that some of the old brand reborn. For businesses, boosting capital means more initiative, you can customize the ride in the home market, you can also achievement of new formats out of the industry.

Traditional staking continues, but growth is more easily and efficiently. Format change in household consumption patterns, the industry's largest independent innovation power. Household industry is facing more than a billion individual consumer to change one of these groups, consumer habits, both for the industry to bring new possibilities. Chinese new lifestyle so that domestic companies see opportunities for product innovation, created this year's "smart toilet fire"; design for the pilot's spending habits begin to form, so the stores, brand design have raised the banner, wants to be home design vane,[url=]flooring for porches ideas[/url] and the right to speak in the field of design; the rise of the young consumer groups, prompting companies began to take the initiative to change the marketing strategy, update the brand image, create a new brand culture; smart home hot, but also reflects the industry convergence, young consumers become mainstream illustration.

For consumers, there is even more changes in the industry among the minutiae. It turned out to be all the furniture chip, designed to be collecting, the Internet can also renovated, foreign products are not necessarily the best, and front-line home business is also co-star in the big brand ...... these details change,[url=]can interlocking deck tiles on grass[/url] involved with the industry innovative power and opportunities. Products, channels, model, brand, and all are likely to innovation, but also need to grasp the business opportunities, and strive to become the industry pioneer. Complex market environment, many companies are either seeking new cooperation, either started the transition, large Internet home platform, brand stores and home business has been listed, mergers and acquisitions will become the main force. In the ever-changing market environment, companies are faced with change, what power to make the business forward and complete rebirth faster? Is the industry are thinking about the issues. The industry believes that it is time to shuffle, if not actively adjust, some companies will usher in a true "winter"

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