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Significant product innovations

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/06/2016 03:04 AM

In 2015, he became the ceramic industry, "the history of the light" of the year. Like with most areas, Zibo ceramic enterprises also feel more competitive this year's market. Throughout the year, affected by the market situation, Zibo ceramic enterprises each were mixed, both sales booming, demand of enterprises, [url=]rail post pvc and system uk[/url] but also increasing pressure on the stock, can only advance stop line production enterprises. But the year other areas, the overall pressure Zibo ceramic enterprises to be smaller. In addition to the overall situation is grim in the wall, the floor tile products in this trend is relatively good. Even when the current outer areas there are many companies across the board to stop the kiln, Zibo most still adhere to the production of ceramic enterprises.

"Most of Zibo ceramic enterprises ability to resist risks is still very strong." An industry source said. In recent years, Zibo ceramic enterprises have been suffering from the pain of short production line, but in 2015 has evolved into a major advantage in Zibo ceramic enterprises. "Small boat U-turn."[url=]buying heat insulation wood decking from Bahamas[/url] Production line short gradually become a powerful weapon in Zibo ceramic enterprises in the past two years to deal with the fierce market competition, innovation ability, converting speed has become the key to success in Zibo ceramic enterprises. Especially in 2015, innovation in Zibo ceramic enterprises to further enhance the ultra-spar, diamond glaze tiles products industry leader. [url=]fence board for sale in Geelong[/url] The situation is grim, the category were mixed Today's Zibo ceramic industry, after 30 years of development, product range has very rich, covering the wall, diamond glaze, super spar, antique bricks, tiles, ceramic stone and series of products.

As well as by fast catching up the surrounding areas, today's Zibo areas constantly adjust the product distribution. In the past, once within the wall tiles, polished tiles and antique tiles as the leading product structure, has been cast glaze class in recent years, antique tiles dominate, supporting enterprises and products supporting the corresponding complete. As we all know, since the start of this year, subject to the domestic market situation and more influence environmental management, production and sales of ceramic enterprises in Zibo each were mixed. Many companies agree that this year's off-season come early,[url=]cheap decks and patio ideas[/url] come suddenly. For the full year, in June 2015 became the obvious turning point in market conditions. In addition to ultra-spar diamond enamel products lead the whole year, other categories have different degrees of decline in sales, antique tiles also from the previous selling well into the ranks of poor sales.

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