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Cabinet need to do channel maintenance

Posted by: wangkiky on 11/29/2015 10:39 PM

Under the impact of e-commerce model, more and more companies began to cabinet "net." Double eleven turnover this year, the electricity supplier transactions has been refreshed with. However, the two-eleven has become the past, the traditional store model, companies need to take advantage of the cabinet, after all, from the stage, the next line of product marketing channels are still cabinet body model. The impact of the Internet channel store model Since the outbreak of a wave of electricity providers and Internet + thinking, the traditional home stores have strongly felt the pressure from the line.<a href="">cost of decking and pergola per sq ft</a> Various modes of electricity providers and online experience stores network sales channels continue to erode the status of traditional home store. Ever since, "on the store status is not guaranteed," remarks heard. Throughout the cabinet industry, however, traditional stores still nowadays can fully showcase the best carrier products.

The online sales in showing difficult to show the line under a high. Therefore, there is traditional stores still necessary. However, for the cabinet business,<a href="">covered wooden decks with plastic</a> if stick to the traditional store sales, its market is certainly also affected. Electricity supplier VS shops to cabinet companies need to do channel maintenance Electricity supplier VS shops to cabinet companies need to do channel maintenance Under cabinet companies do not complete line channels "discarding" Despite the various modes of electricity is bound to providers and online shops, online sales experience new modes of existence of the traditional home stores have some impact, but the impact is limited.

Customers looking for a comprehensive comparison of store brands, compared to price of the product. For the moment the cabinet business, the traditional home store is still the main sales channels, cabinet companies do not "discarding." "Internet +" for the cabinet industry sales in the end it is the subversion or secondary, it is still hard to draw a conclusion now. But the cabinet industry in the future for a long period of time,[url=]light weight cement for balcony[/url] or should focus on the following line channels, highlighting the More Perfect line chain cover, in order to ensure the logistics and distribution, service, personalized service to better meet consumer expectations in order to allow enterprises to better and faster development.

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