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Custom furniture trends

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/07/2016 12:29 AM

In 2015, the industry's hottest topic than the Internet as a whole might decoration and custom home two things. Interestingly, both of which reflect, it seems exactly two different consumption trends of development: the Internet overall home improvement home improvement towards standardization of direction, [url=]hardwood veneer sheets clearance sale[/url] and custom home is the goal toward personalization. So, what is the future of the industry personalized or standardized? Customize exactly how the existence of links and differences between the home and the Internet overall decoration? Both in the future development will be split or whether the same thing? one I have always been accustomed to demand from consumers to analyze and infer the direction and trajectory of a development of things.

From the home improvement consumer's perspective, I think there is no difference between the Internet and the overall decoration custom home, especially not distinguish personalization and standardization of development trends. Internet is generally not included in the overall home improvement wardrobe customization, but it definitely includes custom cabinetry. Well, the Internet as a whole cabinet custom home improvement whether personalized or standardized? [url=]flooring to cover concrete patio[/url] It seems that we may need to re-examine our personalized understanding of the concept. In fact, we have drawn from the so-called custom personalized concept is relatively vague. When we start talking about customization, we are talking about is based on the user's area of ??room and specially processed to produce household products, such as wardrobes, cabinets and the like. Further, we may choose some different features of the product;

further, we might choose a different material, and so on. But you can see, this so-called "custom" meaning, the most critical, may still be based on the processing units and the area made user-specific size products. Here we can see, the original concept of custom home, there is no "personality" of the demand we understand. [url=]composite board for project[/url] If you talk about the Internet as a whole in terms of home improvement customers, home improvement and area units, in fact, the Internet is still the overall home improvement standard standard standard of "personalized" custom. However, this "personality" nor "personality" also. From custom, to private custom, and then to the personalized, [url=]wood projects using reclaimed fence[/url] we may have to change a few concepts. two We can understand the logic driving the development of the Internet overall home improvement, that is to simplify the cumbersome and complex pain interiors consumption process, to enhance the process of decoration in the home improvement consumer user experience, improve the efficiency of home improvement operations. However, we explored why the custom home this year too hot reasons?

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