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Diversification era floor

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/10/2016 06:28 AM

A time when the beginning of 2016, the entire home building materials market, companies have the layout in a new strategic direction. Flooring industry as the traditional home building materials market is relatively mature industry, is no exception. Nowadays, home building materials market diversification trend increasingly prominent,[url=]wood plastic limitations benefits landscaping[/url] in this situation, the business development needs of the market to make a clear prediction. Deep insight into how the market situation in the era of diversification flooring business development? (Source network) Internet home improvement sweeping the home building industry Although last year the general downturn in the domestic industry, but market attention home industry than ever before, thanks to a special group, that is the Internet home improvement: 20 days from the completion of love space to good home decoration ultimate integration of multiple brands Package From Tubal rabbit omnipresent advertising to Chong double 11 TOP7, f[url=]anti-cracking outdoor floor covering for kids[/url] rom SouFun 666 yuan / square meter course to grab foreman Sina, the Internet is affecting the 2015 home improvement home building industry and consumers strongest keyword .

Internet home improvement winds also blow for how long? The sixth census data show that from 1986 to 1995 born young 227 million, is growing at an annual rate of more than 20 million consumers to update old, and these hundreds of millions of young who is the Internet home improvement fans and potential consumers. In other words, it shares the Internet home improvement wind has just begun. Enterprises to avoid collapse in need of extensive change mode 2015, in the calendar year in order to design the famous Furniture Fair in Guangzhou often marked Zhuo furniture suddenly declared bankruptcy, triggering a wave of business failures furniture. The context of 2016, the economic environment is not a major positive, and this industry phenomenon whether or last? [url=]ways to cover or how to update a concrete patio[/url] From the main producing areas of the Pearl River Delta, Shunde Longjiang, Houjie, Zhongshan and other major home building materials industry clusters upstream material suppliers The survey data show that 84% of the upstream suppliers reflect, take the volume of furniture, building materials plant in 2015 at the lowest historical data, take shipments fell more than 50 percent; only 6% of suppliers that the market is not affected.

Because the benefits of the finished plant decline, upstream suppliers is difficult to get back the money, home business owners on foot event prevalent. [url=]composite wood siding types[/url] Guangdong Province Association executive president Jiang Dehui domestic industry noted that in recent years, furniture, wood floors, custom, doors and windows more than a dozen categories of shuffle is just the beginning, the degree is not enough. During the long process of marketization, a growing number of enterprises due to the operation and development reasons, have quit the industry, it also gives above-scale enterprises more market space.

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