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2015 China Ministry of Construction

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/05/2016 11:05 AM

In this concentration is low, the brand influence of poor living conditions, to produce more than 60 percent of Chinese lighting, Kimi aluminum, more than 50% of the ceramics, glass, paint, stone, hardware, not the industry, the industry urgently needed major reform and innovation from the institutional mechanism, through the integration of resources, mergers and acquisitions, combined with the Internet, etc., and comprehensively improve the industry concentration. [url=]modular plastic floor tiles[/url] Insiders call home building materials industry in the current environment Forced resources, serious excess capacity, production costs increase further, under the multiple difficulties and economic decline in prices, is not what the bleeding problem, but should be "ton output capacity" even the courage to reinvent the wheel make global changes.

6 construction parts industry "going out" to accelerate the pace In 2015, the state has increased construction parts "going out" to support efforts, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the equipment to go out" to help building materials production lines, large construction parts and equipment by enterprises' overseas mergers and acquisitions, establishment of overseas R & D center, [url=]floor sheathing composites plastic[/url] in the construction of production lines overseas to give policy support, etc., there are nearly a hundred industrial investment projects, follow the "area all the way" and other hot spots; a number of conditions are ripe for investment project has entered the implementation stage, only China National Materials Group operations in over 70 countries and regions;

Changsha Broad live work, and a number of Beijing New Building Materials international outlook, the strength of the construction parts business, is accelerating the industrialization of construction, industrial parts and equipment "going out" pace, will overseas development as a corporate restructuring, changing the mode of development, an important way to effectively export capacity, give full play to the advantages of technology and talent building materials and parts industries. More than 780 companies listed building materials and parts By the end of 2015, more than 80 enterprises of building materials,[url=]4 x 8 plastic siding[/url] construction parts, architectural decoration three major areas, namely in Shanghai and Hong Kong listing, the total asset size of more than 6000 billion yuan, changed the traditional building materials industry, parts industry, decoration industry is Capital markets have been shut out of the situation, while in the capital market formed a construction materials, parts, decoration and the new economy, the Internet, e-commerce integration, merger, after the reorganization of "hot listing", has become the Shanghai and Shenzhen to Hong Kong capital market, "darling."

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