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Global waterborne coatings

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/21/2015 12:41 AM

Editor's Note: The above is related to introduction of solid wood door Chinese network, the Internet is a big fat, the right to reasonably use, play a more effective role of the Internet, to be able to achieve a multiplier effect. More exciting alerts, stay tuned Chinese solid wood doors Network News Channel, we will continue to offer a wealth of industry Latest News for you.For floor businesses want recognition by the international market,[url=]poly wood interlocking deck and patio tiles[/url] enterprises should actively floor technology research industry, technically reached the international ranks, so that technology is no longer a drag on domestic flooring companies, using technology to win market competitiveness. Sales manager of a flooring brand, said: "At the present domestic flooring industry development situation, although in recent years, should be made a high speed of development, but a frank look at technology development part of the brand is still stuck in the" copy "at this level, regardless of the brand or copy replication industry to introduce foreign brands, less innovative concepts.

Redstar believes that this strategic cooperation will not only be able to get the price of real estate itself and quality are better configured and customized software installed model room, and to the strong increase in marketing and selling the property; buyers also get from Redstar professional home design guidance,[url=]raw material product plant[/url] personalized decoration customized solutions, home improvement packages and other services. Flooring business steady grasp market needs to fully focus on consumer demand Furniture stores in the building materials business is bleak, the supermarkets transformation of the important reasons that some tile, flooring and other building materials manufacturers have put a lot of effort steering decoration electricity supplier. "We can reach up to 50% gross margin, and then it worse.

Store business two years ago still passable, but this year, even weekends are few people visiting the store. Home improvement company's all-inclusive model to charge 25% of our profits, In order to survive, we have to cooperate and home electricity supplier, even puerile, also stronger than death and so on. [url=]low wooden fence[/url] "A floor dealer told reporters. In addition to working with electricity suppliers outside decoration, furniture, building materials enterprises to actively embrace the Internet + more is the trend with the current trends. A lot of furniture and building materials have seized the opportunity to "double eleven" section of electricity supplier, setting the encouraging data: jiumu entire network turnover of 250 million yuan to another record achievement "double eleven" Building Class Six consecutive years.

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