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How to choose kitchen floor

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/07/2016 10:25 PM

2, drip Drip to the floor of the water absorption test, take 1-2 random block floor, the floor in the front and back of a few drops of water, after a certain period of time after absorption, the floating water droplets will form on the decorative layer without being absorbed, wood side no very obvious swelling phenomenon, [url=]plastic walls for outdoor tents and porches[/url] such floor proved to meet the requirements of water absorption. 3, the crack test The floor pieces put together, see if there is a height difference, if significant gap appears floor appeared to prove the thermal expansion and contraction, so the floor is not suitable for high temperatures kitchen.

3: ground floor cleaning and maintenance and durable thanks to conservation Do not think that selected materials, good pavement, the floor once and for all, especially the pavement in the kitchen floor, daily cleaning and maintenance is the most critical. 1, well-kept Kitchen floor must be cleaned daily with a soft, [url=]cheap everwood fence posts[/url] dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor of dust and dirt. 2, often waxing protection Floor waxing maintenance required is known, kitchen wood floors need waxing maintenance. Once a month on the floor waxing carefully, take good care of the floor, the kitchen floor more durable.

3, stubborn stains immediately processed When the kitchen is the most annoying grease stains, and encounter difficult to remove the oil, the need for a dedicated scouring oil and wipe with a soft cloth,[url=]outdoor wood paneling[/url] if a non-greasy type of stubborn stains, you can start with a mild detergent solution to clean and then wrung soft cloth to wipe clean. Who kitchen flooring can not? There is no reason to stop us build a more beautiful home. When the kitchen wood floor met, we can make the floor through the selection, improvement and maintenance to better adapt to the kitchen 'life'. Have to be optimistic about the surface of the floor to pick scratches, dripping water absorption test; [url=]decorative wooden garden fence with gate[/url] a good time to pay attention to edge treatment, in order to avoid water infiltration; regular maintenance routine persistence, moisture and oil away from the kitchen flooring.

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