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The future direction of the furniture industry

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/03/2016 07:03 PM

Electricity supplier trends change every year, is located in the outlet end furniture electricity supplier is no exception. Recalling 2015, the furniture industry, electricity providers are in a simmering, one after another of them. First encounter with turnover tide closures in cold winter[url=]lock for plantation shutters[/url] and then there are some well-known companies to raise the public profile devaluation of furniture, including a series of significant listed companies, apart from outsiders address him wonderful vagaries of letting the industry. The new year coming, the furniture industry is what will change the trend? Here there are five key words to help you interpret the trend next year. First, the furniture industry original strength In the past 2015 years, Ali Jingdong "pinch frame" addiction.

In the process the two played against many times, many times to seize Jingdong Taobao "fake disaster" weakness to attack, let Ali swallow. Indeed, led by Taobao, the major electricity supplier platforms have varying degrees of such "non-original" phenomenon. In order to safeguard the reputation and ensure market share. Recently, Alibaba Group partner, chief governance officer platform, announced Ali fiscal year 2015 as a whole is no longer under the new staff, the additional 200 new full-time employees crackdown. Ali this behavior not only show their determination to crackdown,[url=]prices for geo deck end caps[/url] but also for the entire electricity supplier next year as standard on the new trend synonymous: Original. Today, the entire electricity business environment has been criticized by people as a "proliferation of fake" and furniture, electric occasion weak business environment. Furniture electricity firm prices only combine the two issues, adhere to the original, it is a long way out.

There are indications that a large change electricity supplier in 2016 of furniture may appear, it is the phenomenon of product innovation and independent originality, in the past, "the same product in different stores," as consumers will continue to improve the security system is becoming increasingly less,[url=]pvc decking for static caravans portrush[/url] this is the right way to promote the healthy development of the electricity supplier. Second, the development of smart furniture Intelligent furniture already is not science fiction of "conjecture", progress with the times, furniture intelligent integration gradually become a reality. With the deepening of people to understand and use of the network of things together, the future of intelligent furniture has become a popular trend can not be ignored.

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