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Posted by: johnyinfo11 on 12/09/2015 10:24 PM

Los Angeles County is a very diverse area where everybody can make a good living. Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second largest in the United States, numbering over 3 million people in the city and over 12 million in the metropolitan area. As you can imagine, it covers a huge area and incorporates many neighborhoods and suburbs. If you want to move in the Los Angeles County, choosing the right city, neighborhood or community is vital!

Here is a list with the best places to move to in Los Angeles County (in no particular order):

South Pasadena is a small city, just 10 miles South of Downtown LA. It is a great place for raising children as it has some of the best schools in the County. There are over 20,000 trees planted in South Pasadena which is great if you enjoy clean air and green spaces! Crime is almost nonexistent and the traffic is good.
Santa Monica is a lot closer to Los Angeles and to the beach. It offers great walking area and good schools. It is suitable for both singles (because of the night life) and families (because of good schools). Santa Monica is also praised for its weather, many claiming that they never experienced a day of bad weather here.
Venice is a beachfront neighborhood well-known for its old and beautiful houses and many canals. The bohemian atmosphere is very suitable for artists and for families who enjoy art and culture. Crime can be an issue and houses are small and expensive, so it is not ideal to move here if you are on a tight budget or if you have a large family.
Playa Del Rey, translated as "King's Beach" in English, is a small neighborhood in Westside of LA. It features a quiet and serene beach perfect for relaxing, jogging or biking. The neighborhood and the beach are very clean with a low crime rate. Moving to Playa Del Rey is ideal for someone who wants to live peacefully in the heart of LA.

If you are planning on going to Los Angeles, make sure you choose your location carefully. Although a beautiful city, Los Angeles suffers (in some areas) from a high crime rate, while other neighborhoods are either too expensive or too crowded and noisy. Remember that choosing a moving company can make things a lot easier if you move across country.

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