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Composite flooring advantages:

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/30/2015 07:14 PM

Stability: Due to the unique structure of solid wood flooring, so that it has good stability. Simply put, you can venture with a wet mop, and do not worry about the floor damp deformation. In addition, in the case of floor heating installation, parquet still long-term use, we can see how good its stability.
Affordable: parquet Due to the unique structure of the relationship, the requirements of the timber is not so high, and can make full use of the material, so a lot cheaper than solid wood flooring to be. And offer wood flooring includes installation, and offer wood floors are bare board price. Installation fees and earthworm solid wood flooring material and labor costs to 100 / square around.
Flooring disadvantages:
Environmental poor: parquet unique structure is an important reason for its outstanding performance. At the same time, such a structure also makes it in the production process than can be use to avoid a lot of glue, parquet Each layer is bonded with glue. The current market parquet 3 layers with a multi-layer (5 layers or 7 layers). The more layers, the amount of glue used is even greater.
How to buy solid wood flooring and laminate flooring?
1: According to the personal financial situation decided to use wood, but we must not lose sight of the fundamental environmental health, many families house installed, people became ill, and this is not acceptable.
2: Do not choose too well-known brands, as well-known brand advertising investment is enormous. Just pay attention to whether through environmental certification you can choose.
Medium grade flooring brands and prices:
Solid wood flooring: Nature, Guo timber, cyclic (floor thickness: 18mm) price 270 yuan -300 yuan / square meter
Imitation wood composite flooring: Dekor, Fillinger, Yangzi (floor thickness: 12mm-15mm) price 110 yuan -160 yuan / square meter
Parquet: Dekor, Fillinger, Yangzi (floor thickness: 8mm-10mm) price 260 yuan / square meter
Above to recommend either laminate flooring brand and quality is very good, you can choose among them.
If your home is geothermal, recommended brand appeal reinforced composite geothermal dedicated floor.
3: If the economy allows it, or use cork floor better.
Cork is known as "soft gold", it has a low density, compressible, flexible, airtight, watertight, moisture, oil, acid, vibration, noise, heat insulation, fire-retardant, insulation, wear-resistant series excellent features, set thousands of pet in one. Cork cork decorative materials set many features in one, with other decorative materials incomparable superiority. As early as 100 years ago, some developed countries in Europe had already started the manufacture and use of cork decorative materials. Cork flooring in our application can be traced back to 1932, when only 1 cm thick simple cork flooring is used in the Beijing Ancient Library, 70 years only worn out 0.5mm.
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for environmentally friendly products will be increasingly high, cork flooring because of its unique artistry and all-natural pattern, both as a large area of ​​decoration, also can be used as artistic embellishment, especially families with elderly or children, if covered with cork flooring, not only to maintain the full wood texture, and excellent elasticity and reduce the elderly or children fall touch hurt. The market price of 300 yuan / square meter.
Article Source:
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