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NVC infighting trap

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/13/2015 08:25 PM

But BDO Runda terminate this integration in November, has not yet been put on the agenda. Infighting sequelae In addition to the capital level of turbulence let NVC cast a haze low share price, the internal and external business conditions plagued the company suffered during the suspension is difficult to eligible investors to support another fuse. "NVC overall in last year's loss was its first loss since listing four years, but the management to improve anticipation of losses this year is too optimistic, because the loss is continuing." The aforementioned large institutional investors,[url=]flame retardant fence clearance sale[/url] insiders say. Company announcements, NVC 2014 revenue 3.471 billion yuan, down 8.0 percent; gross profit 742 million yuan, down 7.0 percent; pre-tax loss of 315 million yuan, down 188.8%; owners of the parent company's loss of 3.54 billion yuan, down 244.6%. In this regard, Wang Dong-lei has said, because the company NVC Wu Changjiang misappropriation of public funds for large-scale provision, and the companies operating in the second half in a semi-standstill, resulting in a 2014 performance loss.

For the 2015 performance, Wang Dong-lei is expected to exceed 2013. But it did not, NVC in the first half of this year's performance is also not as expected by management.[url=]affordable deck boards[/url] Semi-annual report data show that first-half revenues 1.772 billion yuan, essentially flat with last year; gross profit of 380 million yuan, representing a slight decrease of 0.2%. The profit attributable to owners of the parent of 17.07 million yuan, 58.04 million yuan last year compared to the same period there has been a substantial decline.

At this point, Wang Dong-lei is leading NVC lighting market by tapping into the home as a new profit growth point, according to NVC plans, home lighting gross margin up to 30%, will be able to make up for the traditional lighting products profit weakness. However, this transition is not easy, at the end of June this year, [url=]used decking for sale[/url] we reported that the Mainland and overseas revenues were achieved from NVC brand-digit decline. Wang Dong-lei pointed out that this was due to the slowdown in economic growth in the Mainland drag, and the relationship of the property market weakness. And this trend is expected to continue to deteriorate, sales of traditional lighting products is bound to decline. There are lighting industry insiders pointed out that Guangdong LED industry is suffering from insufficient domestic demand, foreign trade downturn "cold" effect, while operating income NVC by "infighting" the impact strength has not been restored, "Wu Changjiang of NVC Effect of lighting products in depth, over a period of time is still facing reorganization, the main job of the middle reaches of BDO Runda products, NVC main downstream, how to tap the potential advantages for NVC, Wang Dong-lei team will take some time.

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