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Wood borers come from?

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/04/2016 01:01 AM

<p>Once wood borers, it must be partial replacement of [url=]pictures of deck benches for shopping center[/url], it will be very easy for moth flooded, then why wood borers will appear phenomenon? Wood floor borers normal for the following reasons: First, wooden floor itself at a high temperature drying out the wood floors are not processed within the depths of the eggs, half a year after the insects hatch out under normal circumstances. Second, the keel failure, drying or insecticide-treated did not do, cause existing insects. Third, outside of insects, such as flying insects or wood floors non keel moth, check out the proposal.</p>
<p>Fourth, the wood floor borers normally six months, according to the eggs hatching period of six months or so, if a year has passed, there may be other insects, such as the keel itself with insects, found only when installed, are increasingly more serious. Fifth, may be placed on the construction side of the insect repellent plastic film below, resulting in a good insect repellent can not play a role. Note: Most of moth emergence phenomena are vegetarian plate, and paint wood borers phenomenon generally does not occur. You might be interested in: after wood vermin how pest? How to prevent termites [url=]replacing bench slats leisure ways[/url] vermin are not all the fault of the wooden floor</p>
<p>1, the structure is stable obvious advantages of geothermal heating Geothermal is a more ecologically sound principles of heating, and structural stability of the three-layer parquet can be applied more widely geothermal heating. Three parquet wood itself can keep breathing, which helps to balance the ambient temperature and humidity, a three-tier structure unique criss-cross design is conducive to the release of internal stress of wood, help to contain the product by mechanical force to maintain a good shape, so that the three-layer parquet have good stability and heat applied to earth heating floor decoration. Three parquet also at the same time has a good insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, insulation and other properties. Thermal conductivity of three parquet 0.12, thermal conductivity is moderate, in geothermal environment is not hot, gives a sense of comfort temperature, while the three-layer [url=]cheap decking in the west midlands[/url] with good moisture regulating effect, occurs when the ambient humidity When changes in the wood itself in order to obtain equilibrium moisture content, can absorb or release moisture, direct mitigation interior humidity changes.</p>

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