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Biodegradable plastics market

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/23/2015 07:58 PM

The famous American consulting company Frost & Sullivan (Frost & Sullivan) recently released North American biodegradable packaging market analysis report that the increasing emphasis on environmental protection and health, bio-degradable plastics demand in the packaging sector to larger manufacturers will also increase productivity. The next few years, market demand for biodegradable packaging materials will continue to grow. Biodegradable material able to rely on the action of microorganisms to decompose in nature, used as packing material can significantly reduce the amount of waste.[url=]advantech subfloor for pontoon boat[/url] Because of better preservation effect, about 41% of the biodegradable packaging is used for food preservation. Since the 1990s, global biodegradable plastics rapid increase in production, of which about 60% is used in the packaging industry. It estimated that by 2011, production of bio-degradable plastic packaging will reach 116,000 tons, an average annual growth rate of 22%.

By policies to encourage green packaging On the one hand, the advantages of biodegradable plastic packaging with energy saving, environmentally friendly and recyclable: green packaging development the main support of the following factors. On the other hand, various forces in the North American market, government departments and distribution channels are actively promoting the application of this new technology. In the next two to three years, [url=]no deformation recycled fence material[/url] the demand for biodegradable plastics will gradually strengthen. Due to the large amount of conventional plastic packaging, using a wide range of pollution on the environment caused by its becoming increasingly serious, so that countries develop a series of environmental protection departments to restrict the production and use of plastic packaging policies and regulations, no doubt to the development of the plastics industry has posed a serious It challenges. In recent years, more and more attention as green packaging, the US government for the promotion of environmental considerations, began to encourage the production of biodegradable plastic packaging.

In addition, there is support from the terminal retailer. In the US, every year a large number of plastic bags as garbage disposal, only a small amount of plastic bags can be recycled, resulting in a lot of pollution. To solve this problem, in the mid-1990s there has been a paper bag, but not durable in wet environments. Currently, many US and Canadian retailers to use environmentally friendly packaging by customers some discount, support the promotion of biodegradable plastic packaging. Low cost yet to research As an emerging industry, the biodegradable plastic packaging industry is also facing many challenges. First, the packaging technology is still not mature enough. While consumers biodegradable plastic packaging attention gradually increased,[url=]buy composite fascia[/url] but compared with the traditional plastic packaging technology, the current packaging technology is still relatively backward. Secondly, the limited biodegradable plastic packaging applications. Although biodegradable plastic packaging in the food industry monopolistic preservation, but because of its inferior conventional plastics in insulation, waterproofing, sealing performance with minor, so in other areas downstream lower permeability. Again, consumer awareness is not high.

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