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Floor competitive situation

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/09/2016 03:03 AM

Flooring industry in the country after nearly three decades of development, now accompanied by the industry continues to mature, the number of companies have begun growing at present, SMEs floor on the market has become a "backbone" The whole industry. But in recent years, due to a series of internal and external factors,[url=]color wood plastic composite[/url] the survival of small and medium-floor enterprises are facing pressure also began to increase, which makes small and medium enterprises have to find a way out floor for their own development of the. Small and medium enterprises are facing the floor more severe competition situation Nowadays, many companies are facing the floor competition, increasing competitive pressures inside and outside the industry is testing the viability of enterprises. In this era of jungle, the survival of small and medium-floor businesses will face more severe test.

In the face of intense competition, the industry continues to shuffle, fall behind, do not become the first second, the second will be the first to destroy! Boom or bust![url=]wood plastic composite roof installation[/url] From survival to success, is real problem is the question of life and death decisions based on "scientific investment" interviews and research, the average life expectancy of Chinese SMEs will generally 3! - Between 4 years.[url=]johor laminate flooring supply price[/url] China each year nearly one million SMEs in the collapse of the so-called built a hundred years old, but is their wishful thinking. What led to the small and medium enterprises floor 'short-lived' strategy is one of the key reasons. Small and medium enterprises need to be good at discovering flooring market opportunities For small and medium-floor businesses, the strategy will determine life and death.

Because the big companies have sufficient strength, even if there is a mistake in the strategy would still be able to have the strength to adjust or make up for. Welch said, GE has enough ammunition, so there are a few shots he missed too innocuous. So Coca-Cola, IBM these giant enterprises have appeared strategy lost, but did not affect vital to their development. However, small businesses are not so lucky, because of lack of proper strategic guidance of a mistake,[url=]siding price per box[/url] all will exhaust all his resources, will be drowned. Intense competition in the market, particularly in the flooring market, for small and medium enterprises, the floor, the living environment of the pressure makes this part of the business must find direction for their own development, the single virtue of strength and it is difficult to ignore the opportunities of business success, the same.

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