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Wear-resistant wood floors, giving you the choice of best of both worlds

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/30/2015 08:37 PM

<p>Many consumers of [url=]2 by 4 wood floors[/url], solid wood flooring but worry not wear, short life. So do not wear-resistant wood flooring in the end it: Usually solid wood flooring solid wood flooring material due to the general, structural and technological aspects and laminate flooring strikingly different, and generally uses mostly wood floor paint surface as a surface layer, its abrasion resistance than laminate flooring a lot less. The main advantage is its solid wood flooring foot feeling comfortable and real wood grain, nor to national testing standards to measure the number of revolutions. After paving care and attention to maintenance, as long as qualified products, wood flooring wear also meet the needs of ordinary families.</p>
<p>Wear solid wood flooring have to scratch for selling wood flooring on the market today, this real wood flooring wear and textures, paint coating process using UV and high wear-resistant coating technology can indeed improve the solid wood flooring wear performance, some of the technology used scratch-resistant wood flooring wear even better than the [url=]recycled panels in landscape[/url]. So like wood flooring, and wood does not wear worried consumers have best of both worlds. Share the article you might be interested in: View of the paint, choose solid wood flooring solid wood flooring solid wood flooring installation points to pay attention to what mistakes to avoid is mainly produced in Southeast Asia wood flooring species are there? Category 6 common wood flooring wood species selection tips</p>
<p>Wood floor decoration feng shui taboos, Feng Shui, said the letter there, do not believe no. The following is a taboo on wood flooring feng shui master presentation for reference: wood should be smooth: smooth wood floor can make the house run smoothly, but also to avoid slip wrestling. At the same time, flooring should be kept level, there should be the level of the upper and lower points. Wood floors should be relatively deep color: dark symbol of heavy, dark wood floor color symbolizes deep roots, in line with feng shui way. Such as requiring brighter, it can use dark stone edging four weeks, while the middle part is relatively light-colored stone. Should choose carpet, the truth likewise, should use the darker sides of the middle lighter carpet.</p>
<p>Wood floor pattern avoid sharp corners red door: wooden flooring pattern variety, but should be to select content auspicious. We must avoid using those patterns more pointed, and sharp red door is even more absolutely not, lest Ieguchi restless, provoke unexpected calamities. Not straight grain wood floor door: wooden floor, regardless of wood, its grain oblique arrangement should make the house, like water flowing into the house oblique, but do not have straight wood door, not as straight Kyrgyzstan. Avoid too smooth [url=]pools on terraces and balconies[/url]: Some people in order to beautify, will tend very smooth polished wood floor, which can easily be self-defeating, solely from the perspective of home security has not ideal, because the family or guests are easy to slip injuries.</p>

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