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Smart home trend

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/04/2016 09:45 PM

With the Internet technology applications and system solutions implemented, smart home further change from a single product sales to provide systems integration services and overall solutions to achieve the transition to the modern service industry upgrading from traditional retail. In the modern family, [url=]cost per foot vinyl fence East Sussex[/url] the demand for more and more strongly personalized, customized (DIY), design, smart will lead the smart home, is stepping lifestyle must. Customization is a key development direction of smart home Smart home began in 1994, and that the concept of fashion in the exploratory stage;

2000 - In 2005, coastal cities in many R & D companies, vicious competition in the market situation. Domestic pattern of many innovative products, due to quality problems and improper design, system function is not practical, the product does not work properly, and finally the whole system into a decoration, 2005 - The 2010 During this time, the market are shrinking . In 2011, technological advances, the Internet communications revolution to boost market demand for rapid volume, the market is restored; almost the same time, the industry giants began to layout China, smart new eco gradually forming. [url=]plastic patio bench slats in California[/url] Smart home system products Altogether 20 classification, the basic functions encompass intelligent appliance control, intelligent lighting, intelligent remote control electric curtains, anti-theft alarm, access control intercom, fire alarm, remote meter reading (water, electricity, gas) systems, network communications.

Intelligent home is under the influence of the emergence of the Internet of Things products, the home of a variety of home networking technology to connect devices together, unified by a terminal or a sensor system to control. In simple terms, it is the set of so-called intelligent home automation systems, computer networks and other high-tech network communication technology as one of the homes, everyone's life can bring maximum comfort and convenience. Practical, versatile, focus on the quality of life of the common requirements of people. Future, innovation, science and technology will be key to winning the home business market, and personalized custom class household products will be more by the pursuit of quality of life of people of all ages.[url=]fencing panels composite wood[/url] In the era of rapid development of society, people under pressure from all sides have increased, were asked to continue to accelerate the pace. Work every day busy, busy life, back home had busy, but the home is one of the best haven to relax at home, installing a smart home system enables a full range of quality of life improved. The popularity of smart home is the future trend, the era of personalized, Personal Tailor (DIY) has been recognized by more and more people, the Internet era is characterized by colorful, custom personalized smart home.

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