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New York pier beans floor, OK?

Posted by: wangkiky on 12/22/2015 02:11 AM

<p>New York pier beans, Okan, Don Wood, Acacia wood is considered the most stable of the four wood species, New York pier beans flooring is one of the market's best-selling wood floors, [url=]composite decking over old decking[/url] New York pier beans in the end is good, let us take a look: What is New York pier beans floor? New York pier beans wood floor is Africa New Zealand pier beans as raw material made of floor, Yin Niudui beans are particularly good stability, it can be comparable with teak, also known as African teak. Advantages of a New York pier beans floor, New York pier beans are particularly good floor stability: shrinkage is not easy, especially good stability is the biggest advantage of Newtown beans floors. New York pier beans are oily material, so New York pier beans can be adapted to the humid climate floor, the lower floors, humidity heavier users can be assured.</p>
<p>2, New York pier beans flooring cost-effective: New York pier beans commonly known as African teak, teak flooring stability and less, the color is similar, but much smaller than New York pier beans flooring teak flooring cheap (good teak to 800-1500 yuan a square), is the high cost of real wood floors. In addition, the New York pier beans floor there is corrosion-resistant, anti-termite and other advantages. New York pier beans floor crowd of small pier beans floor color, pattern peace, for the pursuit of a more consistent user color, not suitable for the pursuit of personal, natural style of the user. Why New York pier beans [url=]types of deck railing designs[/url] smell? New York pier beans when sawing the floor, there will be an odor similar to rotten eggs, that odor is a New York pier beans timber of natural taste, has deworming effect. If the house was intolerable odor York pier beans, it is recommended not to use the New York pier beans floors.</p>
<p>But the smell of New York pier beans if sawing flooring is very strong pungent smell the nose, then there may be excessive formaldehyde content of the floor. New York pier beans introduce relevant knowledge bean trees pier Characteristics and Distribution: Large trees, up to 39m, diameter 1.5-1.8m, straight cylindrical trunk, up to 24m, grown on sandy soils of medium to high rainfall in the region, the main produced in Africa. New York pier beans timber features: wood diffuse porous. Heartwood reddish-brown, with shades of white stripes; and sapwood distinction clear. Sapwood light golden brown, width of 5-7cm. Growth ring is not obvious. Obvious hole under the magnifying glass.</p>
<p>New York pier beans wood properties: wood, strong luster, no special taste; texture staggered, knot very thin and uniform; timber heavy to very heavy; shrinkage in Tai, high strength. Its air-dry density of 0.81-1.01 (g / cm3). Wood drying nature is unknown. Slightly decay; resistant to termites, but susceptible to harm marine animals drill wood; good antiseptic impregnated sapwood moderate heartwood difficult, sawing, planing and other processing performance; nails without splitting, nail holding power is good. Suitable for flooring, furniture and so on. Share the article you might be interested in: Tao Ali What floor? Okan wood floor, please? Pometia floor how? [url=]spacing installing composite decking[/url], OK? Wood flooring experts teach you how to identify Burmese teak flooring</p>

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