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Decoration Association, vice president of materials

Posted by: wangkiky on 11/25/2015 07:16 PM

a limited Holford Jingte metal decorative materials The company, Zhejiang Juhua Electric Co., Ltd. The three companies together as business representatives to receive an award. 3 years, China Building Decoration Material Association, vice president of the unit has been implemented over the rotating system,[url=]waterproofing deck with plastic[/url] the annual meeting also released a list of more than 2016 year was elected vice president of business units, while president from Zhejiang AIA integrated ceiling Ltd. Shen Cheung served as Executive President of the United States by Zhejiang Electric Co., Ltd. Zhang Ke Ding served. Zhejiang joy Habitat Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan Nanhai Li Yalong Aluminum decorative plate Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Ou Si Metal Products Co., Jiaxing Qi Electric Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang US Er Kaite integrated ceiling Limited Published materials Alliance Proposal The product is good or bad, determines the quality of the final product, the pursuit of high-quality product quality, the association from 2014, organized the compilation of relevant materials standard work, [url=]stadium flooring retail pricing[/url] after more than a year of raw materials alliance of all the joint efforts of enterprises, completed four of this Standard preparation and approval of the Association issued after the completion of all reporting formalities, China Building Decoration Association, decoration materials smallpox ceiling materials branch executive president Zhang Ke release. This standard will likely become the industry standard. In 2015, the Association to the country's 11 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, the administrative department issued an investigation letter, received strong response and assistance, made a good social effect, effective protection of the brands of the market order.

In the fight against counterfeiting, the 2016 Product of the Year will start qualifying spot checks activities, so that enterprises have become the backbone of the biggest beneficiaries. China Building Decoration Association, decoration materials, vice president and ceiling material when club president Mr. Shen Xiang, executive president of Mr. Zhang Ke, Mr. Long Guosheng, Mr. Chen Jianming jointly launched the "China industry product ceiling annual checks." All along, the ceiling industry associations and enterprises through their own efforts, has won media attention and attention.[url=]1.25 inch composite decking[/url] In order to expand the influence of the industry, so that the media industry to play a greater role in the industry services. Association this year to break the media forum express restriction, collective advocacy, the formation of alliances. At the annual meeting, including Sohu focus of home, including 11 media set up a "Chinese ceiling industry Media Alliance."

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