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Domestic industry inventory

Posted by: wangkiky on 01/05/2016 04:32 AM

Currently decoration industry standards and local regulations still difficult to form a system, since the decoration industry characteristics, has not yet introduced a unified and comprehensive renovation of housing quality inspection of specific standards, some unscrupulous decoration company to evade responsibility by a lack of standards. Comments: The service has been a home industry in consumer pain points. Industry products of varying quality, [url=]mobile home decking suppliers[/url] custom category many, many segments of the lack of industry standards or standards or industry standards implementation is not in place, in the consumption process, not only to give consumers money, a lot of trouble in time, as well as You may jeopardize their personal safety. For home businesses, good service, but has become one of the ways to enhance the brand reputation.

was founded in 1992, it has a long history of development and good reputation in the industry, for the industry to feel the bursts of bankruptcy "chill." By 2015, a large number of businesses closed ceramic industry. April 16, located in Jiangxi high security new peak ceramics broke the news of debt Wages discontinued; July 11, a large production base in Guangdong Foshan and Qingyuan Blue Valley ceramics discontinued, came "close down" message; 7 January 15,[url=]plastic lumber in malaysia[/url] located in Qingyuan City, Hao help because of funding strand breaks discontinued ceramics into the collapse of the program; October 8, Guangdong Xinxing Yingfa Ceramics Co., Ltd. gathered hundreds of workers pay talks events; October 13, Guangdong Veronika Ceramics Co., Ltd. happen suppliers and employees Dumen event, the 13th officially discontinued.

The outbreak of the ceramic industry growth in 2012, and now industry overcapacity, the industry began a price war, coupled with investment in other industries, poor management, make ceramics producer Foshan, Qingyuan and other places seen on the closure of the news. In May this year, Dongguan Yu Jian Furniture Factory, Dongguan crown or furniture factory owner had light lost contact; June, Dongguan Ya to special furniture factory declared bankruptcy; the same month, Dongguan Phaeton furniture factory workers protest boss escaped fled; July, Chengdu Italy Longman International Group (Hong Kong) Ltd. [url=]wood plastic composite decking tiles for roof gardens[/url] declared bankruptcy, Chengdu Fumiomi home Limited boss running, Dongguan Wei Furniture boss on foot. Boss quietly disappear, money owed wages or distributors, more spend the confidence of the industry. Comments: bankruptcy, restructuring, discontinued, the boss on foot . business failure is not "a good thing", but often start from a variety of rumors, unfortunately, many times rumors come true.

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