from the personal collection of Gilbert J. Raynor


FROM: Commander Escort Carrier Group 77.4

ACTION: All ships and units under my command

DATE: 2 November 1944


To those officers and men of the escort carriers and to the kin of those who were lost X This task group has participated in one of the decisive battles of this war X The aircraft of these carriers not only have met and defeated enemy attacks in the air but they have turned back a large enemy fleet composed of his most modern ships X The intrepid courage, skill and fighting spirit of the pilots and air crewmen were superb X Never have fighting men had a greater task and never have fighting men performed their duty with greater determination and distinction X The seamanlike handling of the vessels X The brilliant offensive and defensive work of the screen X The sustained and imperturbable handling of planes on deck X The calm singleness of purpose of the rearming and gasoline details X The prompt and efficient action of the damage control parties and the engineers X All contributed to turning the tide of battle to victory X Against such teamwork the enemy could not prevail X I am proud to have been priviledged to be present and observe your achievements X May God bless everyone of you and may the citizens of your country forever remember and be thankful for your courage X To the mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, wives and sons and daughters of those who were lost I say X Do not be sad X Be comforted and inspired in the thought that the victory for which these men so freely and courageously gave their lives has contributed immeasurably to the final defeat of the enemy X



Task Group 77.4

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