Dedicated to the men who manned the ships
and the embarked composite squadrons
of Task Unit 77.4.3 (Taffy III)
on October 25, 1944


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takes a pounding 
from the IJN heavy cruiser CHIKUMA



U.S. Navy Photograph

From the personal collection of Robert Jon Cox

Several Escort Carriers of the U.S. Pacific Fleet
gather for operations.


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Added by Canadian Admirant
April 30, 2012

Here is to Commander Ernest Evans, a Cherokee man from a reserve. The bravest man in the Navy on this battle. A true Indian Brave.

He inspired Ziggy and the rest on, to - in the 'Follow Me' tradition of the Marines - follow him - and so they did; and so the Center Force was turned-back, and MacArthur and his young men lived.

The only Medal of Honor awarded that day. And correctly awarded.
Added by Anonymous
May 27, 2013

Beautiful story of courage and sacrifice. Back when men were actually men.
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