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ziggysm.jpgRear Admiral Clifton "Ziggy" Sprague, USN was the OTC of Task Unit 77.4.3, radio call sign "Taffy III".  As a result of his leadership off Samar his six escort carriers, three destroyers, and four destroyer escorts saved the day at Leyte Gulf.  Taffy III was one of three task units assigned to Task Group 77.4.

kuritasm.jpgVice Admiral Takeo Kurita, IJN was the commander of the IJN Centre Force at Samar.  His force was comprised of four battleships, six heavy cruisers, two light cruisers, and eleven destroyers.

tbos150pix.gifIf reading about the battle in detail is your passion then go directly to my online eBook, "The Battle Off Samar - Taffy III at Leyte Gulf".  This eBook is unique in that the entire action is depicted in time-line order with commentary by the author.  It is continuously updated.

Menu_combat.gifThe Combat Action Photo section is a great place to get a feel for the battle.  There are currently 35 photographs of the surface action that occurred on the morning of 25 October 1944 between Admiral Ziggy Sprague's Taffy III and Admiral Kurita's IJN Centre Force.

Menu_Kami.gifLess then two hours after the surface action concluded the surviving warships of Taffy III were set upon by Kamikaze aircraft.  The Kamikaze Strike Photograph section contains several photographs of this action.

cs_tab.gifAircraft from the embarked composite squadrons played a major role in repulsing the IJN Centre Force at Samar.  The Composite Squadron section details the aircraft which fought in the Battle Off Samar.

ziggy_mont_sm.gifSeveral fine monuments have been constructed to pay tribute to the men of Taffy III.  The Monuments sections contains photographs and information on these perpetual memorials dedicated to the men who fought and died for our freedom.

Menu_IJN.gifThe IJN Warship section contains photographs and warship characteristics included in the back of my book.  All warships of the IJN Centre Force are in this section.

arcphotab.gifThere are many historical photographs relating to Taffy III located in the Archive Photo Section.  These photos are dated before and after the Battle Off Samar.  This section also contains photographs of the CVEs from the other Taffy units.

articles_tab.gifA wide variety of articles, reports, and documents can be found in the Articles, Reports & Documents section.  Many are official Navy records and some are from personal collections obtained from family members.

navycross_verysm.gifThe men who fought in the Battle Off Samar earned a plethora of awards.  Find out who was awarded the Medal of Honor and other awards in the Task Unit 77.4.3 Awards section.

sfsm.gifThe Special Features section contains an assortment of interesting finds.  A 1/48 scale model of GAMBIER BAY, paintings, a Leyte Gulf board game, and audio files from "Treasury Salutes" CDR Ernest Evans.

S1c Virgil Cox, USNR

This web site and my book
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of the sinking of


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