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DATE FIXED 24 July 2009
PROBLEM Display/Video Card not functioning properly
COMMENTS While using my PC I noticed that the screen was oddly flickering and was at times pixilated.  It soon became so bad that the entire screen display would fail.  It was late at night when the problem arose so I decided to tackle it first thing in the morning.

When I booted the PC the next morning it was worse than the night before.  All sorts of strange stuff was coming across on the display.  The first thing I decided to do was to look at my video card.  I open the case, removed my EVGA e-GeForce 7600 GT 256MB and this is what I saw:

Click for larger photo

Five (5) of the caps had ruptured.  This card was from the original build so it was about 30 months' old.  Here is another photo of the damage:

Click for larger photo

After checking for this problem on the internet I found that it is a common problem with this specific video card.

I replaced this video card with a PNY GeForce 9800 GT EE 512MB GDDR3.

Assembly date:  February 3, 2007

Number of BSODs to date None

Number of unscheduled reboots to date None

Onboard GigaBit LAN 0&1 problems:  1

In this section I will list all of the problems I have with my MSI K9N Diamond.

DATE FIXED 11 May 2007
PROBLEM Onboard GigaBit LAN 0&1 will not function

When I started my PC (Vista Home Premium) it went directly into Safe Mode.  The last person to use the PC was my daughter.  She said she shut it down normally the last time she used it; I think she may have done something wrong that she's not telling me about.  I believe my daughter caused this event by powering down the PC quickly by holding the power button in and not allowing the PC to shutdown normally.

I booted out of Safe Mode and entered the desktop normally and I noticed that my FioS Network connection was not functioning.  This has happened before and all I had to do previously was to power the router off and on again.  Simple enough I thought.  I've also had this problem with DSL Routers before too.  I cycled the FioS Router power off and waited 20 seconds before turning it back on.  It did not fix the problem.  There were no Green/Orange lights on either of the Onboard GigaBit LAN 0&1 ports.

Next I called Verizon (my FioS supporter) and the technician and I performed the following:

  • went into DOS config and tested the IP (it was good) and did a ping (PC not communicating with Router)
  • looked at the Network settings in Device Manger
  • checked to see if the drivers were up-to-date
  • swapped the RJ-45 cable
  • tried both LAN slots on the mainboard
  • swapped the RJ-45 cable in all four slots in the back of the FioS Router
  • ensured Onboard GigaBit LAN 0&1 were enabled in Bios

None of those troubleshooting steps worked.  The Verizon tech determined that the FioS Router was working properly and that the Onboard LAN was basically dead.  I then tried a System Restore and that did not fix the problem.

After three hours of scratching my head and several more reboots I decided to perform a CMOS reset.  AND IT WORKED!

I guess you can never underestimate the power of a CMOS reset.

It still does not explain why I got the initial Safe Mode screen but I believe that was due to my daughter not shutting down the PC properly and that somehow affected the
Onboard GigaBit LAN 0&1

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